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May 29, 2018

Canopic Jar’s latest Featured Voice is Chuck Bennorth, a portrait & landscape photographer working out of Saint Charles, Illinois. Chuck’s current Canopic gallery is a sampling of his soulful photographs of the Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee & western North Carolina.

This is also our first gallery to be posted on the new Canopic Publishing website, which is linked to the original Canopic Jar website. The new CP site is still very much under construction, but we are pleased to begin opening doors to new rooms.


May 10, 2018

We’ve been quiet these past few weeks because of ongoing renovations to our web presence. The first to be unveiled is the new site for Canopic Publishing, which includes the new Canopic Bookstore. Now all of our books can easily be bought directly and securely through Canopic using our shopping cart option.  PayPal and Amazon are still options and our books are still distributed to online bookstores worldwide, but buying directly from us helps keep us floating — and we take the customer service personally!


April 12, 2018

Following just one week after the release of Priests Without People by Nick Cafardi The Ross House Press has released The Kirisitan Problem, a novel by Marc Charles.  The Kirishitan Problem is the much-anticipated follow-up to Death Among Brothers, Book One: A Samurai Comes of Age, Marc’s highly popular debut novel.


April 07, 2018

The Ross House Press, an imprint of Canopic Publishing, is pleased to announce the release of Priests Without People by Nicholas P. Cafardi.

Priests Without People is a novel about cardinals, bishops, pastors, seminarians, lay people, and, yes, even popes trying to find their way to salvation in the turmoil resulting from the Second Vatican Council in the Catholic Church. (more)


March 13, 2018

Canopic Publishing editor Phil Rice will be a featured writer at Waterline Writers reading event on March 18th.  A brief interview of Phil was posted in advance of the event. If you’re in the Chicago area, Waterline Writers and Water Street Studios are always worth a visit.


March 01, 2018

Proud to announce that QoalingCanopic Jar co-editor Rethabile Masilo‘s 4th poetry collection,  is now available from The Onslaught Press.


February 25, 2018

Expectation at the Equinox,” a fine poem by James Toupin, joins Canopic Jar’s Generation Suite.


February 6, 2018

Very pleased to offer artist Sarah Hasty Williams as a Canopic Jar Featured Voice. Sarah has been a Canopic favorite for many years, so this one has been a long time in coming.


January 18, 2018

A few months ago Canopic editors Phil Rice and Virginia Smith Rice visited poet Gene Kimmet at his home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Before heading out for dinner at a restaurant overlooking the lake, Gene read selections from his collection Recollections of My Father (Canopic 2015). The reading was captured on video and the video has been edited to allow for clips to be matched with individual poems on Gene’s author page. The first such posting is the marvelous “Letter to Miss McClurg.”

And we are also pleased to announce that Virginia is currently at work compiling a new collection of Gene’s work.  We’ll keep you posted on the publication date.


January 7, 2018

The first of many new additions to Canopic Jar and Canopic Publishing for 2018 officially makes its debut with the posting of The Canopic Jar video series. The first offering features Lindsey Fisher’s video presentation of Virginia Smith Rice reading her poem “The Time I Hold Back.” This is just the start of an open-ended project that will feature the work of a wide array of artists in multiple medias, including readings, music, videos, and performance art.




Canopic Jar is an arts salon dedicated to the simple idea of keeping the creative energy flowing in and out. The first Jar appeared in 1986 as a tiny print journal of drawings and poems. Since that modest beginning in print, there have been live shows, a studio recording, an old-fashion VHS movie, and a softcover book—among other ventures. In 1999 the first online Jar was posted. We have since sought to carve our own little digital niche while continuing to nourish and pursue physical expressions as they are presented. Our goal is, above all else, to lead with the art.

Currently our primary online forums are the Featured Voices and  Galleries.  The Featured Voices are artists showcased by a selection of writings, visual art, audio, or any other genre that applies. The artists are selected by the Canopic Jar editors, but we gladly accept suggestions.

At this time Canopic Jar is not accepting unsolicited submissions.

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