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The online social world offers an amazing assortment of noise and information—and noise as information—bearing more than a little resemblance to the cable television box in which I used to often find myself helplessly stuck. Even the so-called online “networking,” which those of us in publishing and the arts are assured is a must-do, is fraught with an enormous amount of excess blather. But then again, as with the old cable box, there are moments when I realize it is all worthwhile, purposeful even. Being introduced to author Dawn Promislow is a fine example of one of those moments. Judging from her occasional posts in the electronic social ether, Dawn recognizes that, despite its froth, this whole networking thing does offer an opportunity to share art, and in so doing to  discover like-minded artists and to interact with an interested audience (and all without having to actually be sociable, which soothes my own introverted tendencies.)

And then there are her literary endeavors. Dawn Promislow’s sharply-crafted short stories reveal a stylist who is intimately aware of every detail and nuance of the piece. Plug into her writing and the sensitive reader will have no choice but to stay awhile. “Gleaming like light” and “Path” have that effect, and there is more to discover from the author of these fine slices of prose. I highly recommend the discovery.

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—Phil Rice

Dawn Promislow was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has lived in Toronto since 1987. Her writing has appeared in Maple Tree Literary Supplement, Numéro Cinq, StoryTime, SLiP (Stellenbosch Literary Project), and has been anthologized in TOK: Writing the New Toronto, Book 5, 2010 and African Roar 2012. Her debut short story collection, Jewels and Other Stories (TSAR Publications, 2010), was longlisted for the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award 2011 and was named as one of the 8 best fiction debuts of 2011 by The Globe and Mail (Canada). She is writing her second book, a novel.

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