Sarah Hasty Williams

Sarah Hasty Williams and I have been friends since 1980. Writing an introduction to her artwork could include memories and stories to illustrate that statement. Being something of a storyteller by trade, I could certainly unleash a few for this occasion. But instead I’m simply going to share something I know to be true: Sarah is an artist. Her paintings are more than beautiful, organic images; they are opportunities to experience the physical world at its least tangible. Sarah is an artist.          —Phil Rice

First comes the idea, the vision, the creative voice. Then the mind gives wings to that voice and vision. The soul moves through the hands and eyes to create and communicate that which is intrinsically dynamic and abstract. In my experience, art is like science with soul. Both the artist and the scientist explore the how and why of things, and the artistic process is just as grounded as the scientific process—but the artist, unlike the scientist, has the potential for true alchemy.

—Sarah Hasty Williams



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