Sharing Page

This page is a place where the Canopic Jar editors  share work by artists that they encounter along the way. This may include classic works in public domain or fresh works recently published. All artists are properly identified, and, when pertinent, any sources are cited. Most pieces on this page have been previously published, and posting them here in no way implies that they are being “published” by Canopic Jar. It’s all about the sharing.

Margaret Atwood

Amari Baraka

John Berryman

Diann Blakely

Gwendolyn Brooks

Will D. Campbell

T’ao Ch’ien

William Cowper

Lucille Clifton

E. E. Cummings

Robert Creeley

Donald Hall

Robert Hayden

Edwin Honig

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Donald Justice

John Keats

Ted Kooser

Larry Levis

Rethabile Masilo

Claude McKay

Marianne Moore

Pablo Neruda


Konstantin Korovin, “On the Road” (1885)

“Skiffle” by Stuart Sutcliffe (c.1960)