P.A. Merrill


“The Peacock Prince” by Ksiaze Krzysztof

Stuck in the Script

Even after so long as this
I am still certain I will meet him.
I’ll round a corner and find him there,
Flashing silk panels, embroidered gold,
Perfectly still with that quiet, empty smile:
The Prince of Peacocks, who met Berserk.

Even after so long as this
I remain convinced that every child’s toy
Has life, that things long used
Carry observant ghosts, that each
Tiny Piece of Beauty we can fashion
With our hands and heads and hearts
Is a moment stolen from Death and a sign
Against the crawling anarchies of night.

But I will still meet him.
We will walk invisibly through
The shuffling crowds like two spies
Finally met in some espionage movie,
Nacht und nebelund stadt polezei,
Trenchcoats and dog-eared currencies.
The Prince in his beautiful robes
Will tell me what Berserk really said:
That there is no hope,
That all is dark and ash, and even dreams
Are dangerous,
That I must remain in place.
Then he will leave and I will continue,
Just another character jerked around
By an unread script.

P.A. Merrill co-founded Canopic Jar with Phil Rice in 1985. He currently lives in Mt Juliet, Tennessee. He doesn’t like the internet.