Robert E. Wood

Running Late

It is the familiar contrapposto of death,
the chalk outline on the sidewalk:

one arm raised, one lowered,
one leg bent at the knee, one straightened.

You don’t ask to see the body.
Any minute now the dame shows up.

Robert E. Wood teaches in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech and received a PhD in English at the University of Virginia.  His film studies include essays on Fosse, DePalma, and Verhoeven, as well as The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  He is the author of Some Necessary Questions of the Play, a study of Hamlet.  His poetry has appeared in such journals as Southern Humanities ReviewSouth Carolina Review,  Quiddity, Quercus Review, Blue Fifth Review, Jabberwock Review, North Dakota Quarterly, Poets and Artists, and Prairie Schooner.  His chapbooks, Gorizia Notebook and Sleight of Hand, were published by Finishing Line Press. His award winning book of ekphrastic poetry, The Awkward Poses of Others, published by WordTech, includes poems on art and cinema. A further selection of ekphrastic poems appears in his latest chapbook, Alms for Oblivion.