Suite: Generation

photo by Pati Rice

[The Canopic Jar Suites are now inactive but remain available as part of our archives]

The prompt for the Generation suite is open to liberal and organic interpretation — wherever the artist takes it or it takes the artist. We will post contributions as they are accepted by the editors, so the suite will be built gradually, thus giving each piece an opportunity to be featured individually as the suite itself evolves. Do keep in mind that there should be something about the piece that reflects the prompt “Generation.” How it reflects it is up to the artist.  (Check out some of the other suites for examples of the concept.)


Dawn Promislow

•  Obaasan

James Toupin

•  Expectation at the Equinox

Britny Cordera
          •  Ode to the Desert

Charles O’Hay
          •  Taps

Ruth Bavetta
          •  The Day Time Stopped
          •  Grandmother’s Clock

Clyde Kessler
          •  Lonzo Tealbrome



Todd Robinson
         • Praise the Grandmothers

Tim Pfau
         • First Communions

Charles E. Rice
         • Generations

Neil Silberblatt
         Instructions from My 94 Year Old Mother

Joan Leotta
          •  The Conversation
          •  Dreaming across the Styx


Guidelines: While our emphasis tends to be literary, we encourage submissions of any genre or media that can be transmitted electronically. Poetry, prose, photographs, drawings, audio, video — artist’s choice. Please send submissions or inquiries to with “Generation” in the subject line.  Writing can be sent within the email or in an attachment (Word doc preferred). If you have other questions, please send us a note.