Nicole Taylor

Gardening with Sharon

The other day my friend texted
to help me garden at my home,
at my apartment house garden.

She grabbed a cup of water
and a pair of garden gloves.

But we both dirtied our fingers
to pull up kale, chard, grasses, weeds,
and creatures – snails and worms.

She asked
for a shovel.

She asked
for a rake.

I brought the rusted tools
resting beside the dry plywood
and rusted fence.

Soon I will plant seeds and share some
with neighbor couples,
even cat grass and cat nips for all
wandering, voyaging, foraging cats.

nicole taylor

Nicole Taylor lives in Eugene, Oregon and has no MFA’s. Her poems have been accepted in Cirque Journal; Clackamas Literary Review; Gloom Cupboard; Haggard and Halloo; Pemmican; Snow Monkey; Symmetry Pebbles; West Wind Review and others. You can read more of her poems at and at, a collection of Oregon poets with written and audio poetry available online through Lewis & Clark College in Portland.