Lorraine Caputo


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Through the expressions of travelogues, poetry, drawing and photography, Lorraine Caputo teaches, affirms and inspires, creating bridges of understanding between cultures, between pueblos. Her literary works appear in English and Spanish in over 100 journals in Canada, the US, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia; as well as in chapbooks, anthologies and audio recordings. In March 2011, the Canadian Parliament Poet Laureate chose her work, “Snow Dreams,” as poem of the month. Caputo also has done more than 200 literary readings from Alaska to Patagonia, and is a prize-winning slam poet. Caputo was assistant editor and translator for the online arts journal, Australian Latino Review. She has translated the poetry of Cristina Rodríguez Cabral (Uruguay), Diana Vallejo (Honduras), Ana Bergareche (Spain-Mexico), Dolores Herrera (Galápagos), among other writers. In addition, she is a community arts activist. She co-founded performance artist collectives and organized events in several US states. 

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