Eleni Cay

Train journey 

A shivering raindrop
cried down the cold cheek of a train.

Last night, they didn’t make love.
He thought she did it on purpose,
that she was one of those – running against the wind.
But she worried about the things on his mind.
When they get to another land,
will he still walk by her side?
When thousands of others fall into his arms,
will he remember her signature shape, fragrance?

‘I’m who I am’,
he said, ‘because I move, because I change.
That promise would make me someone else’.

Thwarted, the drop became rain,
appearing, now and then,
in the eyes of young girls.


Eleni Cay’s first collection, ‘A butterfly’s shivering in the digital age, was published in 2013, after she won a national poetry competition in her native country of Slovakia.  The collection is currently being translated into French and German. Her English language poems featured in MK Calling in 2013 and 2015, appeared in anthologies and have also been recreated as poetryfilms and dancepoems, repeatedly selected as the ‘best poetry videos on the web.’  Eleni is currently Poet in Residence at the Westbury Arts Centre, Buckinghamshire. For more of Eleni’s work, visit her website and her  Youtube channel.